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Corporate identity

  • Corporate identity, marketing (marketing), the name given to an organization's face appears. Authority is a form of self-expression. This statement is a statement of certain demarcated and usually does not change. To what extent and how the use of a design agency that will remind you that you need to book your corporate identity are essential for this system. It is the emblem of a corporate identity design (logo) den office design, aerial employees to dress clothing kuşamından, letterhead paper, nameplate, Web site ads for death, everything from packaging design to what extent, and how to use the annual report stated.
    Change this aspect of corporate identity and signature of the institution is closed. At certain periods, the company and the joint efforts of the designers are often changed but not want to change the image of your company with your corporate identity.
    Corporate identity logo of the company is built on the basis of the study is undoubtedly the work. Pressing the colors of the same value in each case Emblem, no time are studies of the fonts that does not change.
    Transport, especially the color information, To remain on the specified pantone colors.
    Image we created the corporate identity for the company, scraped the consumer's mind. This aspect of the work that is to be successful in the company's advertising investments.

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