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Life Elixir… Unique Quality Fulvic Acid Products. Life Elixir Fulvic Acid products are very rich nutritional supplements. The effect of fulvic acid on the soil, plants, grasses and crops has been known for some time, but fulvic acid also has positive effects on human health. Life Elixir Fulvic acid products are extracted from humic acid/humus, which is found in very old humus layers. These humus layers are between 28 and 34 million years old and contain digested pre-historic plant remains. The nature reserve where these humus layers were found is located in a pristine and very remote area in the United States. Fulvic acid is a very interesting substance, so far it has not been possible to imitate it by humans. Life Elixir Fulvic Acid products are therefore not made in a factory, unlike many nutritional supplements, but 100% natural. It’s surprising how much work fulvic acid does in the body and it’s safe for everyone*. Fulvic acid is easily tolerated by the body. It promotes the absorption of nutrients, and helps to remove heavy metals and other unwanted particles and compounds. Fulvic acids are known for binding minerals to themselves and delivering them to various tissues in the body through active transport. * Pregnant women and the chronically ill should consult their doctor before taking fulvic acid. * Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle and a varied and balanced diet.


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